July 1 Update

The tomatoes have started to ripen and four have been picked. Everything is right on schedule, even with the late start. Temperatures have broken heat records for June for the past week and it is supposed to continue for at least another week. The garden needs water about every other day.

I sprayed for worms about ten days ago when I found a small hole in a tomato. It looked like the same kind of hole the worms made last fall. So far it is the only one I have seen.

The squash have several fruits that look like they may make it to maturity, although by saying that I have probably assured that they will not. There is one that has shriveled, not a good sign.

(July 5) The optimism I expressed when I started this post two days ago has been shattered. Disaster has befallen me. My first two cucumbers were so bitter they were inedible. Oh why me, why me??? If the next one I pick is bitter as well I am pulling all of the vines from the first planting. I have a second planting of  Marketmoore  that should be producing in a couple of weeks.

(July 6) Something wicked has eaten about one-third of the leaves off the squash plants. It has to be something large, like grasshoppers, but I have yet to see what it could be. Some of the leaves on the cucumbers are also missing, but whatever it is seems to prefer the squash. I sprayed with bug killer hoping to stop it. On a more positive note, I tried another cucumber and it was not bitter.


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