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Fall Garden 2016

I will rate the fall garden a moderate success. Salad mix for lettuce did very well. Turnip greens are doing well. I’m not sure I should have mixed the two but it seems to be working out alright. Spinach germinated … Continue reading

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K C Bier

This local beer has been available on tap for several years, but recently the brewer started putting it in bottles, and if you can find it where you live I recommend you give it a try. It’s a Kansas City … Continue reading

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And Now We Wait

I always thought there was a better chance I would eat Indian food than vote for a Democrat in a presidential election, but by god it has happened. Yesterday I mailed my early ballot with the Clinton/Kaine ticket the big … Continue reading

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It’s Getting Weird Out There

Presidential elections, by their nature, are peculiar exercises, but never in the 45 years I have participated in the process has there been one like this one. Lyndon Johnson insinuated Barry Goldwater would start World War III, but he never … Continue reading

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