Steve Jobs

IMG_0103This is hands down the best biography I have read about anyone, ever. Steve Jobs was a genius, no plausible argument can be made to the contrary. His place in the history of American business innovation is equal to that of Edison and Ford. His drive, intensity and focus was something I can’t even begin to fathom. He was also arrogant, rude, verbally abusive and socially awkward. He was, and I think he would agree, an asshole. It would have been hell on earth to work for him. It took a special kind of person to understand that with his genius came his faults. It was a package deal. I read Mr. Isaacson’s biography of Benjamin Franklin and it was good but I thought there were a number of dull spots in it. That is not the case with Steve Jobs. The book is a pleasure to read. It deftly steers you through the highs and lows of Job’s life, and he had his share of both. It is also a fascinating look at Apple, the company, from its now legendary beginnings in Job’s parent’s garage to the colossus it is today. I was almost sorry when I turned the last page.


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I find myself on the downside of my sixtieth year, older but not old, wiser but not wise, and still wondering what I want to be when I grow up.
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